If you are going to be moved soon, then you should definitely read this article. We’ll look into ten common mistakes that people make when moving things to a new apartment. Okay, here’s the order.

1. Lack of marking.

Unpacking is not a fast process. And in the first days, the hardest part is finding the right stuff. You need a hair dryer, an iron or an umbrella due to the changing weather. So you have to dig through all the boxes and once again sentence how much you do not like to move.
To avoid such a situation, you need to think about the marking of boxes in advance and choose the method of packing. They can be sorted according to several criteria: by room or by place of storage, by purpose or by belonging to a particular person. In addition, it is advisable to sign the boxes on at least two sides: the side and the top, so that the markings are clearly visible.

2. Old junk in a new apartment

Often we feel sorry to throw away broken, unnecessary things and they are stored on the top shelves, under the bed or take up half of the balcony. Moving to a new apartment is a great excuse to get rid of old junk. Stuffed cups, worn shoes or clothes, broken chairs and appliances that have been waiting a year for repairs, and so on. If you haven’t turned to these things in a year, then you won’t need them anymore. So when you’re packing up to move, leave a couple of boxes for garbage so you don’t have to litter up your new place.

3. There’s no plan for arranging the furniture

Unpacking in a new home is a time-consuming process. To make it easier, it is desirable to determine in advance where the furniture to stand. So you can immediately from the truck to bring sofas, cabinets, tables and other interior items in the right place. This will speed up the process of unpacking other things and save the apartment from possible damage.

4. Saving on packaging materials

Buying boxes, bubble wrap and wide scotch is, according to many, a waste of money. That’s why everything that’s at home comes into play when packing: garbage bags, suitcases, shabby boxes of household appliances. And during unpacking it turns out that a couple of glasses broke, the mirror was chipped, and the frame of the photo cracked because of the pressure. In order not to darken your housewarming, it is better to think in advance what and where to pack. Buying a roll of bubble wrap and a dozen strong boxes is cheaper than buying a new mirror or set of glasses.

5. Loader separately, car separately.

When planning a move, you looked at the prices of movers and freight taxis. In one company action: three hours of work of the loader at the price of two, the second company is very cheap offers to rent a Gazelle. It would seem that the solution is obvious: you need to order a loader and driver in different places to save a couple of hundred. But in practice, it is more and more complicated. Some of them may be late or not arrive at all, and the simple payment will have to be paid anyway. And so from saving, your idea has turned into an unexpected expense. That’s why it’s better to order a comprehensive loader and driver.

6. Furniture can be unpackaged.

That’s what 99% of people moving in think. Why waste stretch film on kitchen cabinets, what happens to them? At least there could be a chip. Or in transit, the door will open and damage things that are nearby. Or already in the new apartment, this very kitchen locker will catch a corner of the perfect wall – and again “Hello, repair”. Upholstered furniture should be packed too, so it does not get dirty. Dry cleaning is not a cheap pleasure.

7. Moving in with the kids.

If you have young children, you know that sometimes it’s hard to even wash the floor with them, let alone move. The turmoil and strangers in the house, who take somewhere a favorite crib and toys, busy mom and dad, a lot of dangerous things in free access – this is not the best environment for a child. Leave it to Grandma for a couple of hours or move in while it’s in day care. This way, you’ll save yourself the extra nerves and the baby.

8. We can do this on our own.

Another unjustifiable type of savings is transporting things by private car several times. Even if you have a trailer, it won’t solve the problem. You’ll spend the extra money on fuel, riding around. A trailer does not guarantee the safety of things, and in practice it does not fit into a lot, so you will feel like moving forever.

9. Transportation of assembled furniture without prior measurement

Many people are lazy or simply do not know that before transporting furniture you need to accurately measure the doorways, elevator dimensions and access door, both in the old place and the new. With this information, you can decide which furniture to disassemble, and which one will go entirely. But some elements of furniture will certainly have to be dismantled or removed. These are, for example, drawers, doors, sometimes the feet of the table or sofa. Because the doors open at the most inappropriate moment, drawers fly out, and the legs can accidentally break off and do not allow rational use of the body volume during loading.

10. Pack it all up, then we’ll sort it out.

To speed up the loading and unloading process, the owners often let it go on its own. As a result, the loaders fold all the boxes, bags, suitcases into one pile in the car body, and then the same common pile is brought into the room. And now imagine: in the evening you moved to a new apartment, and in the morning are going to work and in this snowdrift of boxes trying to find clothes, shoes, toothbrush, cup, coffee. What if there’s a child to be picked up for school in this mess? You have to admit, the prospect is not good. In order to prevent this from happening to you, we recommend that you put things on the first day in a separate box and then put it in a prominent place when unloading things. Then a morning in your new home won’t be a nightmare.

As you can see, changing your place of residence is not an easy task, it requires some preparation, planning and assistance. In fact, the main mistake when moving is to do it yourself. This is what many people do and eventually sacrifice their nerves, time and integrity of their property. Now there is an opportunity to turn to good professionals and finally get rid of the stereotype that moving is suffering. After all, in reality, moving is a change for the better and a new stage in life.