Among the abundance of moving companies in the modern logistics market is not easy to find a really reliable mover. The main thing to do – is to take an active position and a good “prozoned soil. The more information you can gather, the easier it will be to choose a really good carrier.

Today the business card of any moving company is its website, where you can learn the history of the company, its age, “scope”, the range of services provided, etc. Additional information can be found in the specialized press and on Internet portals devoted to moving. It is not superfluous to read reviews, look at the so-called “black lists”. From all these sources, you can make an overall picture of what is a particular moving company, and whether it is worth it to trust.

If the idea of the company is positive, but to finally make sure the reliability of the company will help conversation with its manager. As far as this conversation will be complete and competent, so successful and comfortable will be your upcoming move. Do not be afraid to seem tedious and intrusive, do not be afraid to ask many questions. A civilized mover will be polite with the client and will answer all his questions.

So, below is a list of questions that will help you not to make a mistake in choosing a mover company.

Does the company offer a free moving in assessment? Assessment of the cost of moving already at the initial stage provides an opportunity to assess the costs that will entail a move, as well as to compare the moving companies in terms of price. It’s nice to have a free evaluation service.

What is the final cost of the move and how is it formed? Ask about the cost of each service included in the moving list so you will know exactly what you are paying for.

Does the company move during evening hours, weekends and holidays? Is there a surcharge for this mover? Professional companies work without breaks and weekends, the main thing for them – to be useful to the client and meet his needs.

Does the company have its own staff of movers or does it employ temporary workers? Good faith movements do not allow people “off the street” to work, moreover, they provide professional training to their employees.

What kind of packaging material does the company use? Solid companies always offer their customers a variety of high quality packaging materials.

Does the company’s cargo transport meet the requirements for transporting valuable property? You should be aware that the body of a vehicle specially designed for transportation should be covered with a shock-absorbing material (to soften shocks during transportation) and equipped with onboard fasteners to secure furniture and belongings.

How long will the entire journey take? An experienced company will correctly plan your move to optimise the timing.

What rules apply in case of relocation or cancellation? You should always be able to cancel or reschedule your move a few days before you start work.

Is there any property insurance coverage? Moving insurance at the expense of a mover is a good sign that you have a responsible carrier in front of you. Ask about the conditions and amount of insurance for the property you are transporting.

Are there any recommendations to make it easier for you to move? Experienced mover companies will surely share advice and secrets that can help you move with minimum loss and maximum comfort.