An office move is different from other types of transportation, especially the requirements for tight deadlines. As a rule, company executives want to move quickly and with high quality, without breaking away from the established work process. However, corporate clients are not only interested in the timing of the move: the key position during the planning of an office move is its cost.

What it will cost to transport the office, directly depends on the volume of transported property and working hours of the loaders-packers and trucks. Therefore, to save money on office relocation, you should try to reduce these figures.

  • Plan the move in advance. The larger the company, the sooner you should turn to the moore. Call Frederick Moving Serivce a week before your move date – we’ll make the best plan for you and take all the details into account.
  • Think about the size and interior of the new space. If any pieces of furniture from your old office do not “fit” into the new office space, sell or dispose of them before you move.
  • Plan for furniture and work space in the new office, this will reduce the time of assembly and placement of furniture in the new location.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of moving to the new office. Your colleagues are your main assistants on the way to a more economical move. Notify your employees of the date of the upcoming move in advance and ask them on the eve of that day:

– release office furniture from documentation, mark all furniture with the office in the new office (as planned);

– unplug the computers and office equipment in use;

– pack your personal belongings, computer peripherals, documentation in boxes, and sign them, indicating your name, workplace and office number in the new office.

  • For self-packaging buy enough packing materials: cardboard boxes, wide duct tape, packing paper. Our company will help you to choose the right quality packaging materials for moving office.
  • If your company has a spacious car, move some office items in it. Let it be things that do not require special protection during transportation.

Going to save money, properly balance the pros and cons of the planned benefits. By involving employees in the packaging and partial transport of office items, you are distracting them from their direct duties. If it does not significantly affect your business, this method of saving is justified, but if the company is at risk of incurring more losses than can save – fully trust the professionals.